Problems With cPanel

If you have any issues with programs that are included free in your hosting package, please let us know and we will see what the problem is.  Not all installs will go smoothly or there may be conflicts that prevent the system from overwriting your files.

File Transfers DNS (Nameservers) and Moving Websites

We have a list of things to do when you sign up that should be in your welcome email, if you didn't receive it, threw it away or aren't a customer yet and would like to know a little about what to expect, for account specific information on how to do basic things with your account such as transferring files, Nameservers (DNS changes), how to find your site before the DNS has resolved, webmail or paths used for your site, go here:
If You Have Serious Problems With Moving Sites or DNS - Put In A Support Ticket - This Type Of Help Is Free

 Our 30 Day Guarantee

All customers have 30 days to try our hosting and added services. We just know you'll love our services, but if for some reason you don't, we'll be glad to return your money, no questions asked. Domain sales, however,  are final and cannot be refunded.

Types of support and when to use them

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

More often than not, any technical or support questions users or potential customers have can be found by searching the list of frequently asked questions. We have compiled the most common and troublesome issues plus answers to burning questions like "Why offer free domain names?"

Email -

If you just can't get help or our support systems are moving slower than you need, this is the emergency contact for our support staff

Please keep in mind that during emergencies or cases where there may be serious problems, we do not contact all users but instead post news on the main site and this page as applicable.


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