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Once a site is complete, we scan it, compare it to the top 10 sites in that category, then create a detailed report of what to do to make the site more visible in search engine result pages.
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Sites are hosted on a top of the line Dual Xeon server that provides INSTANT backups of your hosted site. The hosting control panel (cPanel) is a standard and has over 39 scripts that can be installed with a click.

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Hosting, SEO and Public Records

Seems like a stretch. It's not. To have a real presence on the internet, understanding behavior, search engine optimization, image editing, website design and programming is part of the experience. It's true that many ideas and approaches create an immediate, positive traffic response and can also gain widespread popularity, hence the many stories of everyday people selling portal sites to corporate giants and videos that go viral.

One of the most insulting misconceptions is that working online isn't a job; that all internet entrepreneurs are a lazy, carefree bunch. NOT SO! Being your own boss means you have to be still have to be a boss. Someone has to be responsible for "housekeeping" duties, monitoring site activity, measuring up competitors and more. Research and education are on going and an open mind is essential to succeed. Sharing what we've learned is what we do.

Researching the search

Developers at STR82U use search engines in ways that regular people don't in order to understand what questions to ask them and what the answers mean. During research projects we learn things about what makes web sites popular and how to make them more economical for the visitor's technology to provide a richer experience overall. One of our goals is to create access points between the person searching and the information they requested. Read more about our researching search engines.

Organizations we serve and scrutinize the most include public records providers; those that facilitate government operated county jail websites, among others. Another practice that allows more to be done with one individual rather than by one individual includes being a team player with search engine services to report spam and abuse, and freely support the education of webmasters and site owners.

Free search tools

The focus of most properties are records thought there are others that provide a free address lookup; data searches, vital record request forms ,and with the growing population of inmates in America, a county jail inmate search which has a human edited, amalgamated directory which allows for the development of more advanced accessibility options for the public to make it easier find people in jail. Hosting the sites locally was more desirable for control and security but also opened up another avenue to provide a home for websites who's owners might be financially or technically challenged.


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